A Dedicated Family of Chefs


We’ve been creating delicious food for over 35 years

From Humble Beginnings

After qualifying in catering school in Italy, Gregorio Cottone came to England to develop his hospitality skills and improve his English.  Having worked in various restaurants around England, Gregorio started to acquire the taste to run his own restaurant.

Having successfully worked for La Torre Melton with his current business partner Bruno Torre, both felt that their combination and Gregorio’s passion to run his own restaurant, was a recipe for success.

In 2007, both Gregorio and Bruno opened La Torre Coalville, a contemporary spacious restaurant, with bright colourful decor.  Their aim was to create a relaxing environment both for family and for businesses alike.

Today La Torre Coalville is far moved on from it’s humble beginnings to become the best known Italian restaurant in the area.  Working with many companies, La Torre Coalville boasts training events, board meetings and various events for local regional businesses in it’s private dinning room!

Italian Restaurants in Coalville

Locally Sourced & Imported from Italy


We are constantly buying and helping local businesses and organic farmers, with locally sourced produce.

 Where we can, we import Italian produce from cured meats, cheeses and wines!

La Torre Coalville starter

Our Love for Food


Our chefs love using local, fresh and where they can organic ingredients from local businesses around Leicestershire.  Mix this great local produce with our imported Italian produce, our chefs find that they are able to create amazing dishes that not only look great, but taste fantastic!


They believe that quality makes quality and that every attention to detail is important.  So wether you are having a pasta dish with us or a steak, you are certain to find your taste buds getting excited!